Documentary Film Maker

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Wouldn't it be great if we could all understand each other and the world around us,

just a bit better?

 I produce videos and documentaries which I hope will help, in some small way, make the world a better place.

My work generally covers social, scientific and environmental issues that I feel are not well understood by the general public. Many of my clients are not-for-profit organisations or charities who need promotional videos to get their message out to the public and to those that can help and support them.

I am currently working on a documentary that traces the development of a community garden over a twelve month period and how the enthusiasm and passion of volunteers can bring a community together.

Clients include:

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

Our vision, that Western Australia will be a world leader in medical research, is driven by the knowledge that outstanding local medical research will accelerate the delivery of the latest breakthroughs to Western Australians and result in improved health of the community.


Alzheimers Australia WA

As Australia’s oldest and largest dementia organisation Alzheimer’s Australia WA is at the forefront of dementia care services, research and education and training programs.


International Skills and Training Institute in Health

The International Skills and Training Institute in Health (ISTIH) has access to the services of specialists, doctors, nurses, maternal health and allied health workers, with extensive experience in health training.



Volunteering WA aims to build strong communities through volunteering and provides a range of resources, services and support so that people in Western Australia are aware of and understand the nature and scope of volunteer activity.

HomelessConnect Perth

Homeless Connect Perth is based on a one-stop-shop model of service provision to homeless people. We bring together business and community groups to provide free services to homeless people for a day.

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation and Rehabilitation Centre

The Black Cockatoo Preservation Society is a not-for-profit non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation of our rare black cockatoos and runs the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre.


Homeless Healthcare

Homeless Healthcare (Mobile GP) commenced in early 2008. Based on an underlying philosophy where the individual is respected regardless of background we use an innovative model to provide healthcare to homeless and marginalised people.


Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise

The Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise (FoWST) group is an initiative of the Threatened Species Network, through WWF. After some groundwork by Greencorps, the group formed in July 2004 (and incorporated in 2005) to aid local, national and international awareness of the critically endangered status of Australia’s rarest reptile, the Western Swamp Tortoise, by providing information and educational resources.


Turtle Oblonga Rescue and Rehabilitation Network

The Turtle Oblonga Rescue and Rehabilitation Network (TORRN) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Perth in Western Australia.
Not only do we rescue and rehabilitate sick or injured oblong turtles; we also provide community information, training for wildlife rehabilitators and consultancy services for the community of Western Australia.

Ian Hakanson has made two videos for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

These were both used for the purposes of recruiting top Honours and PhD students to carry out their studies while conducting medical research in our labs.

It was a pleasure to work with Ian who has a passion for science communication. He was very professional at all times during filming and engaged with the talent on just the right level.

We were also pleased with the finished product and the way Ian edited the videos. Our briefing about the way we wanted the Perkins to be portrayed was perfectly executed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ian as a film maker for any organisation, particularly those in the scientific field.

Carolyn Monaghan

Communications Manager
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research


 Alzheimer's Australia WA has used the excellent video production and direction services  of Ian Hakanson on one of our major new service initiatives in 2014/2015. His great skill and experience coupled with his level and  creative head has made our project a massive success. Without his resourcefulness and ideas  we would not have achieved all we did. We recommend his services unreservedly.

Sam Lynch

Communications Manager
Alzheimer's Australia WA


Volunteering WA has used Ian Hakanson as our photographer and videographer over several years and he is the perfect fit for us. 

Ian makes sure he understands the brief and takes great pride in ensuring he meets all expectations.  In our case he always exceeds expectations not only due to his professionalism but also because of his creative and empathetic approach to the subject matter. 

Ian's briefs for Volunteering WA have ranged from capturing the fun of events and celebrations, taking formal photographs for the annual WA Volunteer of the Year Awards and portraying with empathy and dignity the activities and guests attending our Homeless Connect event. 

Ian is highly recommended.


During my tenure as the CEO of the International Skills and Training Institute in Health, we had the great fortune to engage the services of Ian Hakanson to develop and built a new web based platform, a project we had been asked to undertake in partnership with our State government’s Department of Health.

Through Ian’s management of the project, he was able to guide us through the complexities of design, assist with the coordination of input from different stakeholders which allowed ISTIH to deliver a world-class platform that today continues to attracts members from not only Australia but also globally.

As a not for profit institute, Ian was very giving of this time and experience and became a valued member of our team     

Dermot Patterson

Former CEO of International Skills & Training Institute for Health (ISTIH)